When you volunteer with MCA we will gladly provide registration at no charge and an MCA Volunteer T-shirt.  You are welcome to attend all events of the conference when you are not 'on shift'. The 2017 MCA is now looking for volunteers who are interested in mathematics. We are looking for innovative and enthusiastic individuals to help make this our biggest and best conference yet. Volunteers are welcome from across North, Central and South America. The majority of communications will take place via e-mail.

Registration Volunteers:

Volunteers working at the Registration desk are responsible for welcoming delegates, providing them with badges and other materials, and answering questions as required.  Volunteers must become very knowledgeable about the event as they will be asked a variety of questions and must be able to communicate special requests to event staff.  Volunteers will be provided with all relevant information, including maps and an information binder.  Directional knowledge of the campus is an asset.

Session Attendants (AV):

Session Attendants assist the speakers or workshop presenters in meeting their needs before, during, and after their presentation(s). This may include making sure water or other beverages are available, ensuring seating is appropriate, distributing handouts, and other tasks as required.  They have several responsibilities, such as monitoring meeting rooms for Audio Visual problems, and troubleshooting where required.   Attendants will assist the conference organizers/logistics team in ensuring the required preparations are ready for the delegates and assisting with other tasks as required before, during and after the session.  Live tweeting during the sessions on topics of interest are also encouraged if time permits.

 When you volunteer with CMS we will gladly provide registration at no charge. If you have registered and paid, I have already provided you a refund for volunteering.  You are welcome to attend all events of the conference when you are not 'on shift'. Please check into registration before each shift.

Directional Attendants:

Help attendees find their way around the meeting space. You will receive maps and a clipboard with an informational sign on it so attendees know who you are. You will be standing for the majority of your shift. Please be ready to assist any attendees who have mobility issues and/or appear to need help. This may include elderly attendees, those in wheel chairs or on crutches, or those who are vision impaired. You may be asked to help attendees between locations, so you should be prepared to go outside if necessary. There will be a shuttle available for these attendees as well.
Assist with directing Monday attendees as they load buses. (Monday only)

Volunteer Benefits

There are many benefits to volunteering at the MCA. As a volunteer, you will donate two shifts of volunteer service, and in exchange will receive:

  • Free attendance at conference sessions and keynotes for the days you are not volunteering (alternate day)
  • Meals at the conference while working as a volunteer
  • Great networking opportunities

Volunteer Requirements

  • We require volunteers to commit to two full shifts (varying times) during the conference. Every effort will be made to schedule volunteers on their preferred date(s). However, due to the overwhelming response we receive from volunteers, we regret that we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be assigned a volunteer role
  • Volunteers must be available for a volunteer training session prior to the event. During this session, we will assign roles, review volunteer responsibilities and answer volunteer questions.

Please fill in the form in order to register to become a volunteer. If you are chosen we will notify you by email. Please click here to fill in the volunteer application.

This conference will provide an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge, and build professional networks. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to meet individuals from across the Americas, see excellent speakers, develop your professional experience and help make this a conference to remember!