Digital Programme

The MCA Programme is available in many forms:

  1. In web form on this site, in the Program menu.  We have a block schedule of the main events as well as detailed information on each of many Scientific Sessions.  You can drill down from there to individual talks and the abstracts.  As well, you can consult our full list of speakers, if you know the name, but not the session.  We also have schedules, abstracts and details for our Plenary, Invited and Public Lectures.  Prize Lectures are scheduled, and the details will be available on the web site once the winners are announced on Monday.
  2. As a PDF download.  Look no further, here it is.  
  3. As a Pocket Schedule.  These are available at the Registration desk and intended to be printed out.


While all three of the formats above are available to all, registrants were also asked if they prefer a Printed Programme or a Digital Programme.  

Those who chose a Printed Programme receive theirs during check-in at the Registration desk.    It does not include abstracts of all talks.  Those are available only on the web site and in the Guidebook app. Please note that this is the same as the PDF download (#2) above, but in paper form.


All attendees may use the mobile app Guidebook.  This provides our full schedule and abstracts.  This is an iOS and Android app which you load on your device from the App Store/Play Store for free, or by visiting Once you install the app and search for MCA 2017, you can download our event.  Then you have perpetual access without requiring an internet or phone connection.

There is also a web version or the guidebook you can access through

Screen shots:



1. Get the free Guidebook app. There are a number of ways of doing this.  The most conventional way is simply to use the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.  It's not necessary to "sign up" or log in, but you can certainly do so if you like.

2. From within the Guidebook app, you can search for MCA 2017 or use the  button to scan the QR code below.  Either way will download the data for MCA 2017.  Once downloaded, you have perpetual access without requiring an internet or phone connection.