MCA Tourism

Tourisme Montréal is delighted to welcome you to our city and we’ve grouped together all the information you’ll need to help you plan your stay. You’ll find general information about Montréal, ideas for fun free-time activities, plus tips on getting here and getting around.

Most of the congress will be happening either at McGill University or just opposite at the Centre Mont-Royal, and so you can consult the map below. All of the hotels with preferred rates are within walking distance of the venues.



Eating in Montreal

Light meals:  The conference is being held in downtown Montreal, with a large number of office workers and students stepping out at noon for lunch; there is a wide variety of places along McGill College and Ste Catherine. The office buildings for example, tend to have food courts, with some of the ‘ethnic’ counters in them (Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese…) serving quite decent food.  A map can be found below

More serious eating. The area around McGill is rather short on higher end restaurants but if you go a bit further afield you will be well served. There is, naturally, a certain emphasis on French cooking, but as for any large North American city, you will find cuisine from all around the world.

A useful and fairly reliable guide, in french, is